Simensen SR-18 with white oven and heated bench. Finished with taconite & slate.

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The Simensen SR-18 Masonry heater with white oven and front heated bench was built up on Lake Vermilion MN.  We finished the face of the heater with local banded taconite stone from the MN Iron Range, a custom cut piece


Henricksen SR-13 with white oven. SR-concrete facing. soapstone trim. heated bench. stucco/clay plaster

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SR-13 masonry heater core systems, top vented with a white oven and a side heated bench.  We faced the heater with our SR concrete castings and the homeowners finished the final coat of clay plaster and tile accents.


Black versus White Bakeovens

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Masonry Heaters are often built with an accompanying bakeoven.  There are two types of bakeovens, black and white.  A white bakeoven is heated from the main firebox indirectly.  What this means is there is no ash on your food, however,


Ethan Cole SR-18 with white bake oven and heated bench

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