February 26, 2012 | Posted in: heat-kit core, Masonry Heater, owner, white oven

Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3101 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3102 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3104 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3107 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3108 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3109 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3110 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3111 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3112 Haverly_22"HeatKit_w_white_oven - IMG_3113

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