Masonry heaters offer good solutions to the alternative energy minded. They provide clean combustion at a high temperature, efficiency, a high degree of safety, and little to no pollution. They heat most homes with as little as three cords of wood a year, easing your dependence away from oil and concentrating it on a local renewable resource.

The heart of a masonry heater is the firebox, constructed of a refractory material such as firebrick or soapstone. As the fire burns, the gases move through the heat-exchange channels inside the heater. The warmth is absorbed by the masonry and radiates through-out the home long after the fire has stopped burning. Often, for as long as 24 hours. With the residual heat from the fire you can cook meals and heat your domestic water.

Masonry heaters are the premium radiant heating system with a comfort level that simply cannot be equaled by convection or forced air.

We custom build all styles of masonry heaters including:

Eric is a certified heater mason who can answer any questions you have regarding masonry heaters and stoves.

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