Solid Rock Masonry offers a range of services. We build custom designed masonry heaters, bake ovens, cook stoves, improved rocket mass heaters, stone facings, general brick work, flagstone or other masonry work and are a historic mason providing restoration services for historic buildings, bridges and other items on the National Historic Register.  We also offer design services and support for DIY builders.


 One of the better set of pictures and historical descriptions of a Masonry Heater can be found at Low-Tech Magazine.  The note the historical names and styles such as: tile heater, oven stove, Russian Stove, Finnish Stove, heat walls, or as Low-Tech Magazine describes, “It is known as the Russian, Austrian, Finnish, Swedish or German stove, or as “kakelugn” (in Sweden), “pechka” (in Russia), “kachelöfen” or “steinöfen” (in Germany and Austria), and as “tulikivi” (in Finland).

The main thing that distinguishes a masonry heater is the ability to store a large amount of heat. This means that you can rapidly burn a large charge of wood without overheating your house. The heat is stored in the masonry thermal mass, and then slowly radiates into your house for the next 18 to 24 hours.

If you burn wood fairly rapidly, it is a clean fuel. If you try to burn it too slowly, the fire will change from flaming to smoldering combustion. The burning process is incomplete and produces tars. Atmospheric pollution increases dramatically. This is important if you are planning an energy-efficient house. The average energy demand of your house will be quite low. For most of the time, it may require only 1 to 2 kW of heat. For most conventional woodstoves, this is below their “critical burn rate”, or the point where they start to smolder.

Masonry heaters fill the bill perfectly. If you need even a very small amount of heat, such as between seasons when you simply want to take off the chill, you simply burn a smaller fuel charge–yet you still burn it quickly. The large surface is never too hot to touch. You have a premium radiant heating system with a comfort level that simply cannot be equaled by convection or forced air systems.

MHA Definition of a Masonry Heater

ASTM Definition of a Masonry Heater

Masonry Heater Articles

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