Just like when you turn over a rock in a field you find something new. We know that turning over our rocks here on Solid Rock Masonry won’t get you every answer you might have about masonry heaters.  So we’re happy to point out other sources of information and fun with masonry heaters, cookstoves and bakeovens.  This would be the list of rocks we recommend you turn over in your search for information.
Masonry Heater Association
Masonry Stove Builders (Heatkit)
Tulikivi Soapstone Masonry Heaters & Bakeovens
Biofire Heaters
Bread Bakers Guild

Russian Bell
North House Folk School Masonry Heater Building Class
The Book of Masonry Stoves – By David Lyle

National Parks: Technical Preservation Services
Duluth Preservation Alliance

Arrowhead Builders Association

SRM_Masonry_Heater_Care_and_Feeding_Instructions PDF


A Short_Course_In_Masonry_Heating_Systems-Norbert




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