Masonry Heater Plans / Stone Oven Plans

Solid Rock Masonry provides masonry heater plans or stone oven plans for your project. These plans are based on your custom design parameters, our stock designs, or anything in between! We design the plan sets to demonstrate a level of detail in-line with the comfort level of the builder. In addition, the builder/owner can choose from an “a la carte” list of plan set information and service options, including:

  • Comprehensive 3D modeling of bake oven and bakery space
  • Course by course drawings for all masonry from foundation to chimney
  • Materials lists for specific plan sets
  • Material suppliers for materials used in design
  • Shop drawings to facilitate local fabrication of components
  • Phone/text/email consultation before, during, and after the oven build
  • Photos to accompany plan sets, based on previous builds
  • Technical and process support

Plan sets are suitable for the backyard oven or for full scale commercial ovens and any scale in-between. We individually quote all plan sets based on the parameters of your project.

Masonry Heaters & Building Codes

Planning Guides for your Do-It-Yourself Project

Oven Doors — Custom Built or Standard

While our guides and plans will allow you to complete most of the process, your oven will still need a door! We offer Solid Rock Masonry Doors for your DIY build, allowing you to avoid the hassle of sourcing the right materials.  Feel free to order one of our standard sizes or a custom size as needed.