Luhrsen Lake Superior Stone Fireplace

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The stone for this project was hand picked by the Luhrsens at various locations along Lake Superior.  We designed a Rosin Style 36″x36″ PriorFire Firebox into this fireplace because this is one of the most efficient open hearth fireboxes that


Cook Lake 48″ PriorFire Fireplace Retrofit

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We upgraded the inefficient existing fireplace that the homeowners originally had to a much more efficient PriorFire/Rosin style firebox.  We also relined the chimney with a smaller 9″ flexible stainless steel chimney and insulated the extra space between the new


Mt. Horeb SR-22 Bell Heater with black oven. Tulikivi Harmaja & 36×36″ PriorFire Fireplace.

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Here are some updated final photo’s from the project down by Mt. Horeb WI.  We built one of our SR-22 masonry heating systems with a black oven and double bell heating chambers.  We also built a 36″x36″ PriorFire/Rosin style fireplace


Simensen 36″ Rosin Fireplace finished with Fieldstone & Slate

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Rosenbloom 36″ Rosin fireplace. Corinthian Granite and massive hearth.

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This fireplace has a 36″ Rosin Style firebox so it only requires a chimney ~50% of the standard Rumford style firebox.  Along with the curved aerodynamic nature of the firebox the resulting efficiency is about 60% greater than the typical