Waz & Scotts Oval SR-18 w/black oven build. Stucco w curved channels. Curved heated bench

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We traveled down to SW MN near Granite MN to teach a fast paced Masonry Heater Building Workshop for the Milan Village Arts School.  http://milanvillageartsschool.org/ The hosts for the workshop, Waz & Scott both attended our Masonry Heater Building course


Henricksen SR-13 with white oven. SR-concrete facing. soapstone trim. heated bench. stucco/clay plaster

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SR-13 masonry heater core systems, top vented with a white oven and a side heated bench.  We faced the heater with our SR concrete castings and the homeowners finished the final coat of clay plaster and tile accents.


Jacobsen Tulikivi Harmaja

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We built this Tulikivi Harmaja masonry heater up by Hovland MN.  The Harmaja is kind of a hybrid masonry stove because it heats with masonry mass radiant heat along with convective heating vents on top of the heater.  This stove


Rolfes SR-13 w/ white oven. Soapstone facing

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This is one of our standard SR-13 masonry heater core systems with our new white oven design.  The soapstone for the facing of this heater was donated by Alberene Soapstone in Schuyler Virgina and the doors where donated by Solid


Bergstaid Soapstone SR-13 Short Masonry Heater

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J-loop masonry heater

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