Fearing SR-18 Corner Masonry Heater unit with black oven, hot water loop, & heated bench. Finished in brick and limestone hearth.

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The Fearing masonry heater was built down by St.Croix Falls, WI.  We were replacing an existing inefficient wood stove with an efficient clean burning masonry mass stove.  The owners wanted the masonry heater in the corner but did not want


Tietjens SR-22 Bell Masonry Heater with rear white oven. Custom Soapstone facing, mantle, and heated bench.

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The Tietjens needed a large masonry stove for their 2,500s.f. log home that they were building.  We built them one of our SR-22 Bell Heaters with a rear facing white oven and a heated bench on the back side of


2015 Wild Acres Grundofen and cooktop Workshop.

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German Style Grundofen masonry heater with a cook top, hot water and a heated bench.  We designed and built this German style masonry heater at the Masonry Heater Association annual meeting near Little Switzerland NC.  This stove was designed to


Fouser SR-18 cast core w/ black oven, hot water loop and heated bench.

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SR-18 Cast Refractory core system with a black oven, hot water loop, heated bench and rear chimney.  We traveled over by Montague MI to build this our cast refractory core system.  The client and a local mason will finish the


Henricksen SR-13 with white oven. SR-concrete facing. soapstone trim. heated bench. stucco/clay plaster

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SR-13 masonry heater core systems, top vented with a white oven and a side heated bench.  We faced the heater with our SR concrete castings and the homeowners finished the final coat of clay plaster and tile accents.


Monahan SR-18 Heater with black bake oven and hotwater

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Lewis Masonry Heater with Hot Water

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