March 24, 2017 | Posted in: Bakeoven, Black Oven, Custom masonry heater core, heated bench, J Loop, Masonry Heater, Masonry heater core, SR Refractory cast core system, Stucco heater, Uncategorized, Workshop

We traveled down to SW MN near Granite MN to teach a fast paced Masonry Heater Building Workshop for the Milan Village Arts School. The hosts for the workshop, Waz & Scott both attended our Masonry Heater Building course at the North House Fold School

Waz & Scott were building their home with natural materials like earthen floors, stone foundation, and strawbale construction on the walls.  One of our SR-18 Cast Refractory Masonry Heater Systems with a rear black oven and an oval heated bench and heater with large curved bells on the sides was the heater we designed with the owners.  Due to our busy schedule we decided to build their heater before they had a roof up.  Natural building takes a little extra effort and time.  So we set up a couple of tents and built the heater and finished the outside with clay brick and 2 layers of latex modified white thin set with a layer of fiberglass stucco mesh embedded between the 2 base coat layers of thin set.  Waz & Scott wanted to finish the final layer of the heater with a clay plaster on their own.