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This outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen was built in the City of Duluth for a project working with BellaTerra Landscape doing the landscaping and design for the project.  We built a 36×36″ Rumford Style firebox for the fireplace.  The outdoor kitchen we built included a cook top, gas grill, sink and storage area’s built into the kitchen.  We used NY Corinthian Granite in an ashlar pattern for the fireplace and kitchen along with Corinthian granite slabs for counter tops.

The concrete slab was poured on top of ~16″ of crushed 1.5″ granite base because the native soil was solid red clay.  The crushed granite base allows drainage with drain tile and keeps the clay frost upheaval from effecting the concrete slab.

Concrete is poured and rebar grid is being pushed into place around water and electrical locations.

Mark, one of our extraordinarily talented masons working on the block fireplace foundation.

Fireplace, chimney and block being laid.

Top of chimney.

Stone being set along with the help of Marks Chesapeake retriever Magic.

CMU base for the sink and refridgerator.

Stainless steel doors and stone going up.

36×36″ deep Rumford Fireplace.

Grill, cook top and finished stone.