March 28, 2017 | Posted in: Bakeoven, Brick masonry heater, Chimney, Contraflow Heater, heated bench, Masonry Heater, Masonry heater core, SR-18 core, Stone masonry heater, Stucco heater, White Oven

We built this masonry mass stove down by Strum WI for one of Mark Morgans of clients.  Mark is one of the most well versed green building contractors in the US.  He teaches green building across the country and is always willing to help anyone out.

We built one of our oval designed SR-18 masonry heating systems to fit with the organic design of the house.  We built a rear facing white oven with a heated bench and a chimney on the side.  The heater was finished with local fieldstone and brick in an organic design.  Mark later finished the brick on this heater with clay plaster and a cast concrete hearth top.