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Roosevelt Stone Bridge located in Mower County, Minnesota. Built in 1934, the bridge is significant for its aesthetic qualities as reflected in the stone masonry work and for it association with the Civil Works Administration, a New Deal federal relief agency.Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0452 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0453 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0454 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0455 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0456 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0458 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0459 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0462 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0463 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0465 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0466 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0467 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0468 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0469 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0470 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0477 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - DSC_0478 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - IMG_4029 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - IMG_4099 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - IMG_4113 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - IMG_4180 Roosevelt_Stone_Bridge_Restoration - IMG_4185

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